Hi  guys! Complements of the season and Eid Mubarak to those that have celebrated eid. I have this problem of not posting till after a long time, but I promise to be more disciplined where that is concerned. So today I am posting on the topic forgiveness as typed above.

We all have this person or set of people that we hate so much because they have done wrong by us, and that might have hurt us much that we don’t want to forgive them for it, or maybe even want to avenge what has been done to us. So here is where the problem lies; when you hate someone, you don’t just hate that person but you are creating a void, a space for darkness in your soul. Hatred affects you in a very negative way, beyond what you think. It is like piercing your skin with a pin and expecting someone else to feel the pain. Now the person you hate might not even care and here you are, spoiling your mood and ruining your chances of happiness. Hatred does one no good in any way because it doesn’t give you peace but rather disturbs your peace. Hatred doesn’t have to be between you and others, it could also be within yourself (self loathe). When you hate yourself for something you’ve done, your past mistakes and all, you are going to be ever miserable and be drowned in a world of sorrow.

Now you must be thinking whether there is a way out of this, of course there is! The answer here is love and forgiveness, not revenge. Forgiveness is accepting what has happened, letting it go, moving on and being on the path to your happiness. Revenge on the other hand might seem more satisfying because you are going to settle the score of what was done to you, but trust me it is not. By doing that, you are going to stoop low to the level of the other, and do something out of your boundaries which is still not going to make you happy. The void created is even going to get bigger and you will have this feeling of emptiness inside you. Revenge is so unfulfilling I tell you. The best revenge served is forgiveness. By forgiving, you become the bigger and better person. I must mention that its not all easy, but it is also not beyond you. And you don’t actually have to forget what happened, you just need to not feel the negative effects that the event had on you. You also need to make peace with your situation, shortcomings and the things you hate about yourself.

A wise man once told me that hating something or someone means holding on to them and making them important. If you really hate them, then make them unimportant by forgiving and letting go; then you will be happy.

I don’t want to make this too long, so I’m stopping here. I hope you will have the strength to forgive yourselves and others. You can drop your comments and also subscribe to this website





Hi! So I have been wanting to update lately, but I got caught up with school and all. While I was studying earlier, I thought of this interesting topic (phase) that almost everyone has encountered at a point in this life. We all have dreams and things we want to achieve. Some have been successful in doing that, some are still trying, while others have given up completely (which is very sad). You see, life likes to pull our strings and knock us over most of the time, but getting through it entirely depends on us. We have to be strong enough to get up and keep pushing till we get what we want. Everything isn’t easy I must say. You have to keep certain things in place to get to your destination.

So for you not to give up when life gives you that hard push, you first need to be in love with what you are trying to achieve. The love that you have would be your biggest source of motivation towards your success. Most people fail because they don’t really love what they are pursuing deep down. There can also be resistance from our friends, family and so on. That is a point where you need to believe in yourself and what you want to do because everyone is going to ask you to do this or that, which is totally not you! Never listen to anyone who would tell you that you can’t do it. If anyone does that, look them in the eye and say “watch me do it”. If you’re determined, you can conquer the whole world! Keeping away from all sources of negative energy would be good for you too; be it places, people or things. You also have to be hardworking and as I wrote earlier, determined.

Another important thing is to never be in a rush. Have patience, everything comes about in a slow and steady manner. The implication of being in a rush is; it leads to desperation, and desperation is bad when you’re trying to grow because it will make you take the wrong turns which you might take time in finding your way back or worse, never.

Many people are even finding it difficult to discover what they want to do with their lives (I think I’m going to write something about identifying your dreams pretty soon) the  thing is, the little creative talents you have and ignore  or take them for granted can bloom you up if you pay attention to yourself. You can realise that you enjoy doing them and what next? You go make so name for yourself!

I’ve just got some few points above and I hope you all find some inspiration from this. Never forget that you’re more than capable to achieve what you set out to do, and do not settle for anything less.