Times when I would wish I was as free as a bird. Times when I would wish there were no realities of life

Times when I would wish pain never exited

Times when I would wish my feelings were numbed

I would cry, I would scream, I would hurt, I would writhe in pain

For all my life, my feelings were not considered

For all the traumas I’ve gone through 

For all the agony of not having anything 

For the shame that I feel, for the anger inside my heart

For all the abuses that have been hurled at me.

I kill myself and wish to be reborn

To a hopeful, happy and colorful life

To a content and independent human

To a life without threats, To the death of the tree that terrorizes me

There’s pain, and there’s healing.

I shall live

I shall be happy

I shall achieve my dreams!

This time, with less traumas

Less misery…

Just a happy ending