A Northern Nigerian Female Child



What I am writing about today is the woes a female child goes through in the Northern part of Nigeria. Most people’s idea about a girl is just her being groomed from her parent’s house, to being another man’s property. Some even think educating a female child is utterly useless because all she is going to do is bare children all her life. I have heard and read this so many times that”educating a female child is like educating a whole community”. So why is there so much discrimination between the boys and girls? The boys are groomed to feel superior for whatever reason, I don’t know.  At times, you even hear them saying “ai mace ce” (she’s just a woman, indicating she is dumb).

Why is it that a girl’s efforts to grow are clipped just before she starts. Are the opposite sex this insecure? Is it because they are afraid of competition? Everyday, a girl gets judged and insulted and fingers are raised at her upbringing. She is just expected to stay at home even if there are other things she wants to do with her life. Girls are made to lose confidence in themselves and have this feeling of inferiority in this society. Any other that has the courage to fly is considered as wayward. Why should girls be groomed to be dependents? They are forcefully made to live at the mercy of their husbands, say the husbands do not provide enough for them, that is how they will sacrifice their needs and can’t even assist their husbands when the days get dark.

Why is it that a female divorcee is considered as someone who has little value and a male divorcee isn’t considered as that? The society isn’t being just to the female generation! We live in a society where girls don’t have a voice, and the ones that do face criticisms and insults on daily basis. This discrimination wouldn’t make the society any better. Girls don’t deserve to be treated as inferior species.  Just some days back, I saw a speech made by a Northern princess as she represented her father at a conference.  She received so much insults, and even her dad bagged his own share of it. Now what was so wrong with a father sending his female child to represent him?

Parents get their children married at a very young age without consideration their children’s feelings or the trauma they will go through especially at child birth. It is sad. The girls that have been given education and weren’t forced into early marriage have also been groomed to settle for nothing less than a rich man. To me, is like the education has gone down the drain since they still don’t have the guts to stand up on their feet.What people forget is that these material things can go. If you get married for them, what will be left then?  And what about the ones that were not being able to hook the rich? They feel less of women and some even get depressed. Now what would be the need for all that if a girl was encouraged to succeed and not become a parasite.

In my own perspective, the orientation given to female children has to change, else we in  the north won’t move further. When a girl is given education and given the necessary support to have a voice, stand up for herself, be confident and have courage to grow without being crucified by the society, arewa (Northern Nigeria) will see a new dawn.


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