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As every individual has a sense of what is right and what is wrong, people now have become something else. No one would stand and fight for what they think, everyone is just programmed to agree with what the society accepts even if it’s wrong. People have been groomed to forget themselves and their sense of righteousness and just live for the society. If you don’t live for yourself then you’re half dead because even your opinions are not yours. Nothing of yours is even actually yours. You’re just like some property or more like a slave of the society who can do nothing but accept what it dictates.

Most people don’t live for themselves. They are just like robots whose aim is to impress people. The funny thing about the situation is that the  people you are seeking approval from will only be there for you on conditional basis. Who do you think amongst them is going to get your back when the days get bad? NO ONE! The exact people you are trying to impress are the same people that will slander you behind your back.

You don’t need to live for anyone! When things do not go with your principles, do not conform. Never leave your true self in the shackles . You don’t even have to fit in. So what if you are different? It actually makes you unique. Stand up for your dreams and your values no matter the volume of resistance you get. Do not forget yourself and live for others. To me, the saying ” when in Rome, do as Romans do”  doesn’t make sense because one doesn’t have to live by what everyone accepts. Being overcareful so that people wouldn’t disapprove of you is not the life. Especially for girls where they’re at times being compelled to live a life entirely different from the one they have always wanted. Your opinions are yours and you have a right to want what you aspire. Trust me, you will never be happy when you suppress them. The void is forever going to remain because you are in chains.

Explore your life and not live through it seeking for people’s approval. This goes for everyone, old to young and boys to girls

Make yourself happy by revealing the true you. You will be amazed of your potentials.!


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