Most times, especially while growing up, we tend to get very confused on who we really are, not to talk of what we want or who we want to be. Now that stage is quite critical because usually, we would be under a lot of stress. Both physical, mental and emotional and it would be too overwhelming for us to handle. That is why at some point, one breaks down almost completely. The most important thing here is you have to be strong to pull through that stage. With all the confusion, you have to grip your focus very tight because at that point, that is the only thing that would help you discover your true self. There would be painful experiences and probably so much negative energy that would try to bring you down and that is why being strong is important.

All those experiences are necessary because you need to be there first to get to know yourself. At times you won’t even realise somethings about yourself till you are faced with a real situation. Also, you need to resolve the unresolved feelings from a bad experience because is only when you resolve them that you will be able to let everything go; else the more you run away from it, the more it comes right back to you. Letting everything go will lift your spirit and you will be able to focus on yourself, figure out what you want from life  and take a step towards achieving it. To be honest, it is not that easy to achieve that, but it is not unachievable.

I’m not the type that enjoys reading too long essays so i’m trying to make this as short and explicit as possible, I hope its working! So there are tips that you can try and I’ll write them out now:

i)  Try meditating: It helps a lot and you are going to feel better

ii) Listen to music: I don’t know about you but it works well for me

iii) Love yourself: Everything wouldn’t make sense at this stage if you don’t learn to love yourself

iv) Take a walk or exercise: A walk allows you to think about things properly a

v) Always surround yourself with positive vibes: A negative energy wouldn’t make you any better. So make sure you engage in positive activities, environment and try to make yourself happy.

So I am stopping here for today…



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