Featured Image -- 24Fear is the first thing that stops us from taking a step forward or moving beyond our comfort zone, and it comes from within us. I would categorically say that fear is man’s greatest enemy. People in the society let the fear of rejection cluster their thoughts that they would no longer have the courage to even stand up for themselves when suffering from an injustice.

All I am trying to say here is I feel that people don’t have to pretend to be what they are really not. There is so much negativity and judgement and everyone (or so it seems) is afraid to be judged. One thing that I believe in is that you don’t have to conform with all the rules and the society. The funniest part is, you will still be judged by some group or the other no matter how much you conform. I feel that as a human, everyone is at will to do whatever he/she feels like doing with their lives; such as changing their lifestyle, moving more in line with what their intuition tells them and just being themselves. I strongly believe that no one wants to feel crippled, and worst, by the fear of letting it out. It doesn’t really matter whether you’re right or wrong. All that matter is you are making a choice and to err is human, and you can always learn from your mistakes. In most times, the mistakes you have made makes you a better person than you were before. So never be afraid to be your self and stand up for what you want, or feel you deserve.



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