You are Enough

This is soo true

Thinking....Beyond the Limits

There is no achievement or goal that can complete you, and there is no failure or loss that can uncomplete you. As a person you are enough, with or without having achieved your goals. Let go of the belief that says you need something or someone to complete you. You came into this world as a complete person, therefore you are in no need of anything to complete you. You’re enough. Maybe you are longing for someone to love you. Maybe you feel like you are not as successful as your peers. Maybe you feel stuck, frustrated, unworthy and not-good-enough. These feelings are merely you ego trying to prove its self-importance. I know you need a house, a car, money and a decent job. I also need some or more of those things myself. But remember this, there is nothing in this world that you can achieve to make you…

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